Saturday, July 16, 2016

Widsom on Waiting

I miss hearing Elisabeth Elliot on the radio. She had a great, no-nonsense approach to following Christ that we need to regain in our day.  In contrast to our culture - and even some of our Christian cultures - she taught that we should not be dominated by our feelings.  Instead, feelings should be placed on the altar and brought under the lordship of Jesus Christ.  We obey not because we feel it but because it is right.

Here's a good reminder of her "wisdom on waiting." 

"For whom do we wait? We wait for this God, this Creator God, this Redeemer, this Shepherd, this Savior, this Friend, this Lord, this Master. This kind of waiting is an act of trust. Waiting on God is a willed and deliberate act of trust. It doesn’t necessarily have to do anything with your feelings. It’s a matter of choice."

Read the entire article here.

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