Monday, July 25, 2016

Metaxas: Why Christians Should Vote for Donald Trump

Eric Metaxas, Christian apologist, New York Times Bestselling author, and radio host, urges Christians to vote for Donald Trump in this election cycle. 

While numerous Christians are considering not voting because they cannot support in their opinion Hillary nor Trump, Metaxas urges that the consequences of not voting and thus allowing Hillary Clinton to win would be "disastrous for America." 

This election matters.  The Republic is at stake. We are hanging on the edge of a cliff.  And Hillary Clinton would be a nightmare for America. She will make us America in name only: 

"We need to understand that if you care about this country, you care about the rest of the world, you need to take this election very seriously," he added. "Beyond that, I don't think Trump is going to save America. I think Trump would pull us back five feet from the cliff so that we have bought ourselves a little time to keep the republic. I think if Hillary Clinton is elected, we are not going to have that ability."

Metaxas is best known for his biographies of William Wilberforce and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.   

He recently wrote a book about the USA entitled If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty.

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