Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The French Door Connection

I want you to read the following article, written by my friend Carol Roper of Fountain Inn.  Carol's article A Marriage that Started with Spaghetti, appears in the October edition of Guideposts magazine.  However, the following article is one she wrote about a time in her life when God met her and her husband in a very providential way.  The first time I read it, I was amazed by the sovereignty of God in this particular circumstance in her life.  I think it will bless you too . . .

I sat in the middle of the den floor crying. I’d had enough of our little mobile home in the country.

“Can we please move into town?” I begged my husband, John. “It’s lonely and scary out here. I can’t take it anymore.”

After some discussion, he looked at me doubtfully, “Okay, if you can find a house in town for under $45,000, we’ll look at it.”

Read the entire article by Carol Roper here.

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