Thursday, September 25, 2014

In Times of Despair

The following is a fantastic article reminding us of how to trust God during times of despair . . .

"There are devastating times in our lives that stretch everything we know and believe. We are in pain—at times physically, at other times emotionally, and sometimes both. Some of these seasons last much longer than a few days, and the physical strain can take a terrible toll on our emotions. Conversely—when we are continuously despondent and disheartened, our bodies can suffer as well. Frustrations and setbacks bombard us at an alarming rate, undermining our every confidence. Just when we think we will get better, more bad news hits us.

We wonder why God would allow all the agony we are experiencing. We ask, “Why me, Lord? Why now?”At the same time, the enemy is doing his best to make us question whether the Father really loves us—bringing up old sins, faults, and mistakes that have already been forgiven, and insinuating they disqualify us from the Lord’s blessings. What makes it even worse is that joy is just outside our reach—and we have no hope of taking hold of it. The sense of loss, helplessness, futility, and dissatisfaction with ourselves can be absolutely overwhelming.

Have you ever experienced this? Have you faced the dark depths of despair—wondering if you’ll ever climb out? Have you wondered, Why isn’t the Father helping me? I am trying to serve Him. Why has this situation only gotten worse instead of better? Why doesn’t He heal me? You cry out to Him and He comforts you, but the trial does not end and you cannot understand what He is doing. So you question, Has the Lord failed? Am I so far gone and so intensely damaged that He cannot help me?

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