Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Six Traits Every Writer Must Develop

Writing is one of those rare things that is both an art and a craft. Art is applied creativity usually meant to share with others. Craft is the skill used to create the art. A painter must be able to do more than envision the finished work, she must also have developed the necessary technique to move a mental picture to the canvas, or sculpt a three dimensional image. Some are gifted with the ability to conjure up great ideas but lack the craft, the skill necessary to bring the idea to life. Writers must be able to do both.

Here are five traits, five qualities, every writer should possess:

1. Fearless imagination. This is the ability to conceive a plot, recognize an important subject for an article, or discern a much needed topic for a devotion. Fearless imagination means:

a. A willingness to ask "what if" questions and then spend sometime thinking about the answer.
b. An ability to shut out the negative voices in our head or in our social and family circles.
c. A willingness to have more ideas than can be produced by a single author.

Read the entire article by Alton Gansky here.

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