Sunday, September 28, 2014

Man of God

They left him in the lion's den alone to surely die
Daniel had prayed to his God, day and night to Him he cried
In that deep dark pit his eyes were not on the roaming beasts
For He knew his God and was stayed on Him, the One who brought release


Be faithful man of God
This is not the end
God is searching all the earth
To strengthen  his servants and his friends
Keep interceding for the lost
Keep lifting high the blessed cross
He will reward you, faithful man of God

Exiled on the isle of Patmos John seemed very much alone
He’d been boiled in oil and persecuted, this earth was not his home
But in the middle of that trial, he received the Revelation
And as he saw and wrote of His Lord above, he entered jubilation

One pastor on his knees alone praying for his church
The devil tries to discourage him, and stop him from his work
But God hears that man and honors him, and will stand right by his side
Keep loving, sharing, and preach the Word, for you will receive your prize


Rhett H. Wilson

Copyright 2000

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