Wednesday, September 17, 2014

God Works Out of Sight

Elmer Towns shares a great testimony in his book Fasting with the Lord's Prayer.  Twenty-one years after becoming a Christian, Towns fasted for the first time under the leadership of Jerry Falwell.
Towns and his wife had two house payments, one in Lynchburg, VA, where they had moved, and one in Chicago, their previous home.  They decided to fast for the house to sell.  For six months, they fasted on the 15th of each month, asking God to sell the house in Chicago.
When it sold, they talked with the buyer at the closing.  He told them that the first time he looked at the house was six months earlier on the 16th - the day after the first time the Towns' fasted.  Then the buyer said that for some reason he returned to look at the house every month around the 15th. 
Towns asked himself, What if we had not continued to fast on the fifteenth of every month?
Sometimes when we seek God, we don't see immediate results.  If we do not give up, this develops our faith and gives God room to work.  I love what Towns writes that he learned, Once you start fasting, don't quit.  God may have begun to answer your prayers out of sight.

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