Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Incredible Power of Focus

Dr. Richard Blackaby shares some good insight on the importance of learning to focus . . .

"The human brain is amazingly complex and powerful yet enormously underutilized. It is commonly believed that humans, on average, use only a small percentage of their brain’s capacity. We marvel at geniuses like Albert Einstein. Scientists studied his brain after he died to determine how it functioned at such a high level. His brain was not unusually large; he just made better use of what he had. Some people are undoubtedly smarter than others. 
Yet it is not always the people with the highest IQ who experience the greatest success.

Our capacity for success lies not so much with our intelligence but with our focus. When we mobilize our power of thought toward a single issue for a prolonged time, we can achieve spectacular results.

Unfortunately, people’s thinking is often scattered. We flit from one thought to the next without ever settling on one topic long enough to fully analyze the situation. For some, a normal day is simply a series of distractions. They multitask, juggling numerous balls in the air without making substantial progress. Touching a dozen issues is not equal to tackling one."

Read the entire article here at Richard's blog.

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