Monday, October 22, 2018

An Up Close and Personal God

As we seek the Lord for His plan in our lives, we have to be careful to not just listen to the recommendations of others, follow the tradition of our church or denomination, or follow some man-made rules.

We can seek the Lord for His individual plan for our lives, families, churches, and organizations. 

Pastor Jim Cymbala, who ministers at The Brooklyn Tabernacle with his wife Carol, shares an awesome word about the partnership of the Bible and the Holy Spirit in the life of today's believers: An Up Close and Personal God. Wonderful music and invitation.

The same God who told Moses to pick up a snake by the tail, instructed Peter to run against his religious tradition and eat unclean animals, and provided food for Elijah via the delivery service of another unclean animal - a raven - may just surprise us today.

Religious people like to create structures, traditions, and rules. Jesus invites us into the adventure of walking with Him and being led by His Spirit. Believers and churches today need to be led by the Holy Spirit - not just by people, tradition, or intellect. His plans, His mind, and His ability surpass ours.

Listen to Jim Cymbala challenge the church in this message from June 17, 2018.  

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