Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Tucker Carlson: Defund the police movement distracts from the left's policy failures with the poorest Americans

"As we've been telling you -- not that you need to be told because it's so obvious -- this is a dark moment in the history of the country.

People will attack you if you dare to tell the truth. They'll denounce you. They'll target your family. They'll try to turn your friends against you and deny you the ability to earn a living.

In the face of that -- and we've said this repeatedly because it's true, nothing is truer -- you cannot give in. Even if you do what the mob tells you to do, you will not be spared. The people on Twitter are predators. Predators are incited by weakness. They exploit it. The only solution in the face of something like this is to tell the truth unapologetically."

Read or view the entire commentary here from Tucker Carlson and Fox News.

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