Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Christian, Feel Free to Love Politics

"I love politics because I love people.

Being compelled by Scripture to love others like we love ourselves, provides us further reason for loving politics. Governance affects the lives of our neighbors. Good governance brings blessing. Unhealthy governance brings frustration. Wicked governance brings cruelty. We should desire blessing for our neighbors and to see this accomplished, we must engage the public arena. Engaging the public arena while hating the arena will produce little. Engaging the public arena while loving the arena, knowing that it is ordained by Jesus for our good, will improve the likelihood of producing blessing.

To be sure, there are many opportunities to bring blessing to our neighbors. These opportunities involve each of life's spheres. We can bless though our individual efforts, familial efforts, congregational efforts, community efforts, artistic efforts, and even professional efforts. We have a truncated view; however, if we stop short of recognizing the value of our political efforts. In this, we must understand that politics isn't a necessary evil, it's a sphere God superintends for the good of our neighbors. We should approach and value this sphere the same way we approach and value imperfect spheres like the family, the arts, and the church."

Read the entire article here by Dough Richey at Baptist Press.

Picture used by permission from Pixabay.

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