Saturday, November 12, 2016

Evangelical Voter Turnout in 2016

This past year, I have come to respect David Lane and his work with the American Renewal Project.  Here he shares how the evangelical vote helped decide the 2016 Presidential Election . . .

"Over the last sixty days, the American Renewal Project hosted 'Pastors and Pews' events in six key battleground states: Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, Missouri, and Virginia.

Additionally, one million doors were knocked on and phones were called, targeting low-propensity, Evangelical voters-those who had voted only once in the last four political cycles.

We hired seventy bi-vocational pastors to help orchestrate and accomplish this massive task. Although the ARP does not endorse or oppose candidates or tell people who to vote for-what was demonstrated Tuesday night is that when Christians turn out and vote they impact elections."

Read the entire article by David Lane here.

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