Monday, March 17, 2014

Polish Me

Polish me like an arrow, tune my strings to play your song
Mold my heart to walk in all your ways to lead your sheep along
As we move among the masses, may we bestow the Father’s love
That His children may be reconciled, the awesome church of God


Polish me, polish me
May Your Spirit work within me, polish me
Make me like a sanded arrow
Shadowed by your holy hand
In your quiver you will hide me for the purpose of this land

As a leader in your kingdom let me know and do Your will
Give me an undivided heart that is quiet and so still
And as Your Spirit beckons, may we yield ourselves to Him
To know your ways and walk in them that name will be revealed

As the Master of the harvest weeps over His world
May He raise up vineyard workers as His purposes unfold
With the anointing of God’s Spirit, alert to follow Him
He will make us fishers of His men with more souls won to Him

To be led by Jesus,
To lead more like Jesus
To lead more to Jesus, that is our aim
As arrows in your quiver Lord, may your blessing rest upon your sons and
daughters as we seek to reach the world
- Rhett H. Wilson, Sr.

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