Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Democratic Party's Food Fight

"As I watched the two-hour food fight disguised as the South Carolina Democratic Presidential debate, what really hit me was the enormous contrast between President Trump and the first lady in India this week and the Democrats’ bickering.

The visual of the presidential couple being greeted enthusiastically by more than 120,000 cheering people in India’s largest soccer stadium was so much more impactful then the shrinking respect and declining seriousness of the Democrats’ squabbling.

It may be my age or my partisan bias, but Bernie Sanders seems as he repeats his mantra again and again. At any given time, he’s attacking Israel, defending Cuban dictators, proposing to take away everyone’s private health insurance, announcing new programs which would cost $10 trillion to $70 trillion dollars, and explaining everything could be paid for by taxing the rich. In a Broadway play, you would cast Sanders as the comic interlude."

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