Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dr. Rachel Stewart

Dr. Rachel Stewart stands out as the best professor of 
my entire academic experience. 
Through my undergraduate, Master's and doctoral work, she stood 
out as the most outstanding teacher and lecturer.

I would choose to take a class by her before any other.
I vividly remember her dramatic presentations in her polyester skirts
in American Literature 
in the second floor corner room of Neville Hall.

She challenged me to excel in and to love reading good literature, 
writing, communicating, and thinking. I have often thought how I learned much from her about the basics of presenting a persuasive argument.  Raising her voice and beating the table with her hands, she challenged us to load our essays with "evidence, evidence, evidence!"  Those basics helped me repeatedly through the years in both sermon preparation and delivery and in freelance writing. 

Dr. Stewart died on Friday, March 11.  

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