Friday, September 16, 2016

40 Days of Seeking God

EXCELLENT 40-day prayer guide in preparation for a national election: Forty Days of Seeking God: For Revival, Elections and Key Leaders. Our church is using this now, and I highly recommend it!

 The tool is perfect for churches, small groups, denominations, seminaries, schools and individuals who want to seek God’s guidance for our nation and revival in the land. In the forty day format, individuals, small groups and whole churches experience fervent prayer and deep spiritual revival. With signs of judgment rising rapidly and a most pivotal election ahead, it is time for forty days of deepest prayer and repentance not just the same level of prayer as the past fifty years. Now is the time for more than just another prayer event! We must embrace a genuine return to God through fervent prayer and deepest repentance, not a reliance on politics.

In Forty Days of Seeking God (Revised Study Edition), believers will learn to seek the Reviver, not just revival. Covenant now to diligently seek God’s face to revive the Church, send a sweeping global harvest and glorify His Holy name! There is also an attractive Bible insert of the Sixteen Prayers for Revival, Elections and Key Leaders and the Covenant to Seek God’s Face as companion tools for this book. For interest in these pieces, contact our office at 

E-book versions of this book are also available for Kindle, Ipad, Ipod, Sony and Nook as well as a pdf format.

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