Thursday, August 4, 2016

Quote of the Day

"Coronary Christians are like the heart in the causes they serve.  Adrenal Christians are like adrenaline – a spurt of energy, and then fatigue.  What the church and the world need today is marathoners, not just sprinters.  People who find the pace to finish the (lifelong) race.

Oh, for coronary Christians!  Christians committed to great causes, not great comforts.  I plead with you to dream a dream that is bigger than you and your families and your churches.  Un-deify the American family, and say boldly that our children are not our cause; they are given to use to train for a cause.  They are given to us for a short season so that we can train them for the great causes of truth and mercy and justice in a prejudiced, pain-filled, and perishing world."

-  John Piper, Life is a Vapor

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