Monday, August 1, 2016

Bloom Where We're Planted

I saw this great word on the Intouch Ministry site today.  What a great reminder to endure difficulties together and bloom where we are planted . . . 

In 2013, while Sunday school teachers at other churches taught about the importance of being molded into the image of Christ, mine spoke at length about an altogether different kind of mold. With spores saturating the air throughout our building that year, First Baptist Church of Lawrence, Kansas, put the “fun” in “fungi.” 

“Did you know that Leviticus includes instructions for dealing with mold?” our teacher asked, his eyes impish. “I think it would be appropriate for us to do a church-wide study on chapter 14 in particular.”

He made this suggestion shortly after mold specialists began subjecting our church to a major remediation that left much of the building without ceiling panels or flooring for almost two years. Appropriate indeed. During the process, our church probably repulsed visitors. In the sanctuary, one could not escape the mottled concrete subfloor, which looked like the surface of some pockmarked moon. In the hallways, a sinister twist of wires, foil-covered insulation, and tubing loomed above like something from the set of a sci-fi movie.

Read the entire article, "Unexpected Growth," by Chad Johnston here.

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