Thursday, April 28, 2016

Simple Prayers

Bob Hostetler offers a great reminder that sometimes the simple prayers are the best ones. . . .

A few days ago, a friend asked me to pray for an upcoming project to be a means of financial blessing to her and her family. Then she said, “Do you think it’s okay to ask that?”

I assured her that I think it’s more than “okay.” I think such prayers—short, simple, straightforward—are the best kind of praying we can do.

You may know the story in John’s Gospel about Jesus attending a wedding celebration with his mother, Mary. At one point early in the festivities, Mary came to Jesus and said, “They have no more wine” (John 2:3, NIV). Chances are, either the bride or groom was related to Mary and Jesus; in any case, they both would have known that running out of wine at a wedding feast would be a major embarrassment to the family.

Read the entire article, Pray Like Mary, here.

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