Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hate Crimes, North Carolina & Restroom Confusion

Sorry, expecting biological men to use the men's restroom and biological women to use the women's is NOT a hate crime. 

 "Say I wake up tomorrow and I feel like Taylor Swift. I can play guitar, sing her songs and mimic her movements. And let’s say I go to her next concert, show up early and tell them they need to allow me to perform because I feel like I am Taylor Swift. No one is going to stand with me and say because I feel like Taylor that I am Taylor. No one is going to label the people who stop me at the gate as 'haters and intolerant.' No one is going to label me as a victim of a hate crime, but merely someone who was offended because someone had the courage to tell me the truth." 

The problem is not with hate - it is with a lack of truth.

Read the entire article by Perry Noble here.

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