Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"We Will Not Obey" Christian Leaders Tell the Supreme Court

I have been joining hosts of other Christians today in praying continually for the hearings going on in the Supreme Court.  This is a time for fervent, consistent, and sacrificial prayer from believing Christians.
Today about 30 "big-name" Christian leaders sent a document to the Supreme Court that vowed in unmistakable terms - "We will not obey" if the Supreme Court changes the definition of marriage, "we and millions of Christians will practice civil disobedience," and "we will go to jail before we will submit to an unjust ruling."
James Dobson was one of the authors of the document.  The document is signed by leaders such as Governor Mike Huckabee, Senator Rick Santorum, Pastor John Hagee, and Franklin Graham.  Also signing the document is Matt Staver, founding Dean of The School of Law at Liberty University.  Staver has appeared before the Supreme Court several times making arguments in recent years.
James Dobson has said recently that, in light of this constitutional crisis, he believes if the Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage that it will potentially lead to a second civil war in America and begin the end of Western civilization.
Read the article by Todd Starnes here.  These are times that demand our prayers, faithfulness, and courage!

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