Thursday, April 23, 2015

7 Traits of Remarkable Writers

Henry McLaughlin shares practical observations about the characteristics he sees in successful authors . . .

"Over the course of my writing time, over ten years now, I’ve met many writers, read many books, and studied authors. And I studied more than how they applied the craft to their stories. I studied how they applied themselves to their writing.
The truly remarkable writers I’ve met all seem to have character or personality traits that make them stand out. And this doesn’t apply to only published authors. Many aspiring writers display these same traits as they continue to write and pursue publication.

Remarkable writers are diligent. Another word might be discipline. They write, most of them, every day. Others, with family or work obligations, diligently plan their schedules to free up as much writing time as possible. They are dedicated to writing and to improving their craft."

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