Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bruce Jenner is Not a Woman

Our society continues to amaze me.  Truth, decency, morality, and plain old common sense continue to slip away.  How sad and amazing that the country is captivated by Bruce Jenner's story.  How sick that we applaud yet another example of something twisted and perverted.

My mother spoke the plainest truth about this story that I have heard.  Earlier this week, she told me, "If Bruce Jenner doesn't know what gender he is, then he needs to go into the bathroom, take off his clothes, and look in the mirror."

Matt Walsh hits the nail on the head in his article "Bruce Jenner Is Not A Woman. He Is A Sick And Delusional Man."

"On Friday night, a mentally ill crossdresser named Bruce Jenner was interviewed for two hours during prime time about his plan to gruesomely mutilate his genitals in a macabre pseduo-medical ritual often erronsously described as a “sex change.” He detailed his decision to Diane Sawyer, calmly declaring: “For all intents and purposes, I am a woman.”

He concluded that the next best course of action is to castrate himself and live the rest of his life pretending to be a girl. He’s already undergone extensive cosmetic surgery, including shaving down his trachea (which is a thing that doctors will actually do, apparently) in pursuit of some perverse, bastardized notion of synthetic femininity.

In response, our depraved and insane country has hailed him as something approaching a god, with millions of people flooding social media to heap unrestrained praise and adulation."

Read the entire article by Matt Walsh here.

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