Thursday, February 27, 2014

Journal: A Writer’s Tool Everyone Can Have and Six Ways to Achieve It

"If a journal is not in your writer’s tool kit, it should be. Proven to be a stress reliever and healthy for mind and body, it can also unleash the creative juices in each of us. While it can serve as a diary by simply recording your daily deeds and innermost thoughts, a journal is much more.

 Writing down what inspires you and your goals triggers your imagination. But also include the concrete: “to-do” lists that can include the mundane chores, errands and grocery lists or “must do” lists that could resemble a bucket.

In How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci, Seven Steps to Genius Every Day, Michael J. Gelb describes Leonardo’s journaling habits, which are intriguing to say the least! This is an excellent resource for writers and I highly recommend it – it is, um, pure genius! The following is a list of ideas to jumpstart your journal."

Read the entire article by Rebecca DeMarino here.

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