Monday, February 17, 2014

Interruptions and Opportunities

If you are like me, it is easy at times to get so focused on one thing that we miss opportunities around us.  I was reminded of that last week when I had settled into my office to get some work done (when there was lots of snow on the ground outside).  A quiet knock came on the door, and Anna-Frances entered and sweetly asked, "Daddy, can you come outside with me and help me build a snowman?"
I made the right choice - I did get up, put on the heavy coat, gloves, etc. and go outside - but I have to admit that I did hesitate at first.  I had to make myself do it initially.  In retrospect, we had a great hour or two building some memories of sledding outside.  We rarely get snow, and I can count on about 3 fingers how many times I have gotten to do any really good sledding with Anna in her lifetime.  Ten years from now I would probably never remember what I was planning on doing in my office the next couple of hours.  It is very possible, though, that ten years from now I might remember that afternoon of sledding.
Last week during our "snow blizzard" I picked up and began reading a book by Avery Willis and Henry Blackaby called On Mission with God: Living God's Purpose for His Glory. 
In it, I came across the following statement, which made me think of our Life Group lesson yesterday about Zacchaeus . . .
How often are you so focused on one thing that God is doing that you miss an opportunity God is presenting you through other circumstances?  I have discovered that interruptions are often divine appointments.
On another day when Jesus passed through Jericho, He looked up in a tree and saw Zacchaeus.  He knew that the Father was at work because no one seeks to know Christ without the Father's prompting.  Whenever you see someone wanting to know more about Christ, realize that God is waving a red flag for you to interrupt your schedule and join Him on mission.  Jesus threw away His DayTimer and went to lunch with Zacchaeus.  That day, Z. became a true son of Abraham even though he was a publican.  Be so attuned to the Spirit of God that you recognize the circumstances where God is at work around you and immediately join Him!
May God give us sensitive spirits to recognize opportunities that come into our path - even when they seem like interruptions!

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