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The Gift of Teaching

 The Motivational Gift of Teaching

Biblical Example: Luke

One of the great needs in the Church at this present hour is for more teachers of the Bible.  Teaching is simply a Spirit-given ability to build into the lives of Christians a knowledge of God’s Word and its application to their thinking and conduct.  Teaching has for its goal the conformity of Christians to the likeness of Jesus.  It can and should be done both simply, compassionately, and searchingly.

-          Billy Graham, The Holy Spirit


·      The Spirit-given capacity and desire to make clear the truth of God’s Word.

·      The divine enablement to understand, clearly explain, and apply the Word of God,

causing greater Christ-likeness in the lives of listeners.

·      The ability to explain Scripture and apply it to people’s lives in a way that leads to obedience.


1.                  The need to validate truth to certify statements that are made by others (Luke 1:4).

2.                  Tendency to validate new truth by established patterns of truth (systematic theology).

3.                  Prone to give teaching credentials before speaking and get them from others before they hear them.

4.                  Desire to present truth in a systematic sequence (we need the sequence of Scripture).

5.                  Delight in researching and reporting as many details as possible.

My duty is to fill the pulpit.  God’s responsibility is to fill the church.  – Adrian Rogers

6.                  Emphasis on accuracy of reporting (Luke 4:38).

7.                  Alertness to factual details not noticed by others.

8.                  Tendency to remain silent until information has been heard, observed, and discussed.

9.         Need to show diligence and endurance (2 Tim. 4:10-11).

10.              They are the mind of the body; they help the body to think

more accurately.

When you don’t study the parchments, you will be parched. – Johnny Hunt

Every believer should examine his own life to see whether or not he possesses this gift.  If he does, he should be using it.  If he doesn’t he should quit trying.    

There’s only one way a preacher can help a congregation grow long-term: equip you to do ministry and then give the ministry back to the church.  When you serve where your strengths are, the church causes herself to grow.  Are you giving yourself?  - Johnny Hunt

Enthusiasm apart from biblical teaching is contrary to the spirit of divine revelation.  Truth without enthusiasm is also inconsistent with God’s Word.                          - Leslie Flynn    


1.      Becoming proud of their knowledge (1 Cor. 8:1).
2.      Despising practical wisdom of uneducated people (Jn. 7:15; Acts 4:1)
3.      Communicating skepticism toward their teachers (it’s not right until they research it).
4.      Criticizing sound teaching because of technical flaws.
5.      Rejecting a teacher or theological movement in entirety because of disagreement on some secondary doctrines (Mark 9:40).
6.      Dependence on human wisdom rather than the Holy Spirit (Prov. 3:5).
7.      Giving information which lacks practical application (Matt. 28:18-20 obey).
8.      Boring listeners with details of research.
9.      Forgetting relationships.
* the gift needs to be developed
* the gift is often linked with the gift of prophecy
* far more was said of Jesus as a teacher than as a preacher
* seems to be the main required spiritual gift of a pastor
* if you are going to teach, you must first learn
* this gift does not require formal education
* may be used in various contexts – from a seminary or     college to a home Bible study
* may be manifested one-on-one, in small or large groups, in formal or informal settings
* they love to spend large amounts of time studying
* they work hard on details, they organize and reorganize
* they search for illustrations that will make the material more meaningful



Self-control     /           Self-indulgence

Reverence  for the Word /      Disprespect

Diligence         /           Slothfulness

Thorough         /           Incomplete

Dependable     /           Inconsistent

Secure             /           Anxious

Patience           /           Restless






Do You Have the Motivational Gift of Teaching?


1.            Content comes alive for students when I teach.

2.            People have told me that I have helped them learn biblical truth in a

meaningful way.

3.            I am able to communicate God’s word effectively.

4.            I pay attention to the words, phrases, and meaning of those who teach.

5.            I enjoy explaining things to people so that they can grow spiritually and personally.

6.            I get excited about new ideas I can share with others.

7.            I can devote considerable time to learning new biblical truths in order to communicate them to others.

8.            Studying the Bible and sharing my insights is very satisfying to me.

9.            I can communicate Scripture in ways that motivate others to study and want to learn more.

10.         I usually know what it takes to hold the interest of those I teach.


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