Sunday, July 3, 2022

This Independence Day, Celebrate America’s History of Self-Governance


"Americans were historically unique — dare I say exceptional — in their approach to governance. And this was largely dictated by culture more than anything. 

It’s important to remember this history, even 245 years after the Founders declared independence. Today, many Americans are pessimistic about the future of their country — and for good reason. But looking at the overall arc of American history, it’s difficult not to be an optimist. The Founders endured revolution, Lincoln endured civil war, and they all remained ever optimistic about this country as humanity’s last best hope. 

As John Adams predicted, American independence would be “the most memorable epoch” in the country’s history, celebrated for generations as a day of 'deliverance.' This Fourth of July, Americans should continue to prove him right." 

Read the entire article by Newt Gingrich here.

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