Saturday, August 8, 2020

7 Ways to Speak up and Influence the Culture

The Left has consistently pushed their ways forward on our culture for years. They have worked to monopolize the airwaves and use fear tactics to make people afraid to disagree with them.

Suddenly, many good, average Americans realize their country is being systematically taken over.

The Black Lives Matter movement, along with their bully force Antifa, use force and fear to topple our democracy.

This is not the time to just be the nice guy. This is the time to speak up and challenge the narrative.  But it means several things that most Americans don’t like:

+ You may offend people.

+ You may lose “friends” or the respect of certain people. An English professor approached a friend of mine years ago at our liberal religious college and said, “Gene, the things you believe are not accepted any more be polite society.” My friend, who is now an evangelical missionary, responded, “Dr. so-and-so, with all due respect, I don’t care what polite society thinks. One day, I will stand before the Lord Jesus Christ and give an account to Him of my life, and He is the One I aim to please.”

+ You may be attacked by people – especially on social media. But keep this in mind. Antifa has vowed that after they wreak havoc on our major cities, they plan on going into the residential neighborhoods. What that means is they plan on going into your suburb where your children play and ride their bikes, where people swim at the community pool, and where your family eats, sleeps, and lives, and they will spray paint or burn down your houses, beat up your older people, and kill some of your younger ones.

In Italy, Germany, Cuba, and the U.S.S.R., the Left started by ridiculing people for their beliefs and values. Eventually, when they had enough power, they jailed, beat, raped, tortured, and murdered people. And that could happen here.

+ You will have to learn how to logically challenge the thinking of the Left. You will have to learn to think through and discuss why you disagree with some of what your children hear from Hollywood elites, late night talk show hosts, prime time sitcoms, CNN, and some of their high school teachers or college professors. You will have to learn how to THINK – perhaps like never before.


Here are a few suggestions for where and how to speak up:

1. Make sure and start in your home and talk with your children about why you believe what you believe. Provide them an intellectual framework to think from your kitchen table.

2. Speak out – with respect and love – but with truth - on social media. Don’t let social media be overtaken by the Left. Remember, sometimes truth divides – and it cuts. When you need immediate open-heart surgery, you don't get offended if the doctor cuts into your skin.

3. Write letters to your local newspaper – or post articles on your favorite blog sites.

4. Contact your centers of influence and let your voice be heard. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: national and state Congressmen and representatives, Governors, mayors, city and town councils, local school boards, state Supreme Courts, etc. Believe me, the Left is and has been making their voices heard to these entities. It’s time for the average American to be “forceful.”

5. Speak up in your centers of influence: your church, your home owner’s association, your local PTA, your sports club, your alumni association, etc.

6. When you see our basic liberties – like the freedom of speech – being taken away, speak up. Speak out. If we do not, we will lose them for good.

7. Consider running for office at the local or state level – or get behind some godly, conservative people who will. Ask your pastor(s) to consider running for these positions. Why pastors? They are often good thinkers and communicators, people of conviction used to standing on principles and dealing with conflict, and are usually people of influence. The American Renewal Project is a good resource. 

Prager writes, “This is likely the last chance liberals, conservatives and the right have to defeat the American left. But it will not happen until these groups understand that we are fighting for the survival of America no less than the Union troops were in the First Civil War.”

Remembering Jesus' reference of John the Baptizer, instead of just trying to be the nice guy in the room, maybe it's time to be the forceful one.

It's time for Christians and conservatives to come out of hiding and re-engage the public square.

Liberty is at stake.

This article is an excerpt from a longer one called The Silent Majority.

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Pictures used by permission from Pixabay.

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