Tuesday, February 12, 2019

How the Deep State Has Evolved

"Over the next 30 years the fight for cultural renewal in America will be won by bringing exclusively Biblical values to the public square. For that to happen, a drastic revision of the mindset and philosophy of the role of the church in America will need to happen. The Church must move from the meetinghouse to the marketplace, to what is called the Ekklesia.3 The shift of Christians from ‘church house’ to public square for civil engagement will cause a profound realignment.

Rejuvenation of the culture will require a different model than any now being used. The Church must begin again to influence the categorical imperatives of the culture. There must appear a new type of leader, different from those often presently operating, perpetually preoccupied with social justice, the distribution of wealth, budgets, buildings, additional privileges and rights. Focusing in these areas has been tried and found ephemeral. The WORD must be the centerpiece, both in the Church and in the culture.

This new type of leader will not be in the same mold as we conventionally envision a leader: a single person in front of a crowd of followers. For the leaders of the new paradigm, think of Gideons and Rahabs. Each individual can and must be a leader so that we have a nation full of them. Each will have experienced intimacy with God; holiness will be their sole desire. Through knowledge of His Word, they will be able to stand against the deluge of Secularism, which has ravaged American culture. These saints, called to walk point, may appear 'a little bit angry with the world'4, and with what Secularism has done to the country. In all likelihood, however, they will have learned to think spiritually, and speak in the secular. In their education, they will have acquired the knowledge to make the most effective use of political currency, which will include the mustering and marshaling of Christians to the public square."

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