Wednesday, January 23, 2019

First Freedom and the Second Lady

" 'What's next?' David French asks. 'The belief that public figures should not teach Sunday School? Serve in domestic or foreign missions?' Once you start down this path, where do you draw the line? Make no mistake: this is the canary in the coal mine when it comes to religious freedom. The far Left wants to push Christian education and Christian institutions into some sort of spiritual ghetto, and then bar those people from the public square. That's profoundly un-American and an unconstitutional reverse religious test. Yet here is the other side, pushing hashtags like #ExposeChristianSchools. Guess what? There's nothing to expose that isn't in the plain text of Scripture.

Private schools are exactly that: private. No one is forcing children to go there. In fact, most families make great sacrifices to afford the kind of education that instills the values America's public schools will not. There isn't another version of the First Amendment for people in public office. Karen Pence has just as much right to live and work by her faith as any American. 'If Lois Romano [or any other critic] wants to argue against Christian theology, then have at it,' French writes. 'Most Christians I know welcome the dialogue. But if they want to condemn a woman for the free exercise of her Christian faith? If they want to argue that there's something inherently wrong with orthodox Christians' associating, worshipping together, and teaching their children? Well, then they're exhibiting a deep intolerance that's at odds with pluralism itself.'

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