Wednesday, September 26, 2018

If Not Judge Kavanaugh, then Who?

Excellent commentary by Newt Gingrich.

"If not Judge Kavanaugh, then who? This is the question Republicans should ask themselves as they prepare for Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

If this decent human being, with an exemplary record as husband, father, friend, and judge can be smeared and maligned, who is going to be capable of surviving the Left’s ruthless dishonesty and willingness to lie, intimidate, and destroy?

If the Left can succeed in vilifying someone with Judge Kavanaugh’s integrity and record, they will be in a position to say to President Trump, 'nominate a moderate who is acceptable to us or we will smear your next nominee into rejection, too.' ”

Read the entire article at Gingrich Productions.

Also, hear his comments last night - the Kavanaugh hearing now is about "raw power."

“So desperate to keep the Supreme Court from becoming conservative, that they are prepared to lie, to smear, to be hysterical, to break Senate rules, to do whatever they have to do . . . .  Arthur Miller’s great play The Crucible about the Salem Witch Trials actually relates to Judge Kavanaugh and what he is being put through. It is almost like a medieval torture.  Somebody turns up 35 years later . . . . 

The fact is, this hearing is a farce. Now at what point is the burden of common sense on the accuser? And if it’s the burden of common sense, this hearing wouldn’t even be held. It’s only in the current hyper environment. . . . You have an entire effort by the totalitarian left.”  - Newt Gingrich

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