Saturday, February 27, 2016

Decency for President

Pastor Max Lucado, dubbed by some of "America's pastor," writes what many of us have thought recently in his article "Decency for President."   Regardless of whether or not you agree or disagree with a candidate's policies, the American people should expect the persons running for office to uphold a certain manner of honor and decency.  If it wouldn't be acceptable for someone running for middle school class president, it shouldn't be ok in a bid for the President of the United States . . .

"As the father of three daughters, I reserved the right to interview their dates. Seemed only fair to me. After all, my wife and I’d spent 16 or 17 years feeding them, dressing them, funding braces, and driving them to volleyball tournaments and piano recitals. A five-minute face-to-face with the guy was a fair expectation. I was entrusting the love of my life to him. For the next few hours, she would be dependent upon his ability to drive a car, avoid the bad crowds, and stay sober. I wanted to know if he could do it. I wanted to know if he was decent.

This was my word: 'decent.' Did he behave in a decent manner? Would he treat my daughter with kindness and respect? Could he be trusted to bring her home on time? In his language, actions, and decisions, would he be a decent guy?

Decency mattered to me as a dad."

Read the entire article by Max Lucado here.

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