Wednesday, July 16, 2014

8 Reasons to Write Something Right Now!

Edie Melson shares great, practical advice today at The Write Conversation.  Today's post is 8 Reasons to Write Something Right Now!

"We writers tend to be an odd lot. We obsess about learning to write better. We hang out with writers online and in person. We buy books on How to Write, How to Write Better and How to Sell What We Write.
But we do almost anything we can to avoid the actual act of writing. Nothing shuts down a writer quicker than a blank page and/or a blinking cursor.

We comfort our guilt-ridden internal writer with the promise of writing when

  • That closet is clean.
  • The kitchen is organized.
  • The laundry is done.
  • Facebook is checked one last time.
  • Dinner is cooked.
  • Groceries are bought."
Read the entire article by Edie Melson here.

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