Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Discipleship Tuesday: Coming Down from the Mountain

The test of spiritual maturity is not how high someone goes on top of the  mountain but how well she fares coming down.  Any believer can experience a high, a mountaintop experience.  Not everyone, however, walks down into the plains of life gracefully.

Some posts on this blog I share not primarily for someone else, but for me.  It is a way to remind myself, "This is an article you need to remember." 

Dee Dee Parker wrote Coming Down from the Mountain after attending the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference two weeks ago.  Dee Dee, an award-winning author, shares wisdom for the journey when we must walk down instead of up.

Your mountaintop may not be a writers conference, and your walking down into the valley will look different than mine, Dee Dee's, and anyone else's.  For every Christian, though, to walk with God necessitates learning to walk down the mountain with wisdom and faith.

I hope you enjoy her article.  It blessed me immensely.

I live among the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. Awaking to their majesty each morning never grows old.

One thing I’ve learned after years of climbing the hallowed peaks is that you have to be careful on your descent. You have to be sure of your footing. Dangers await those who, after glorying at the pinnacle, don’t choose a wise path downward.

I’ve been on a mountaintop of sorts…a writer’s conference…Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers' Conference. Writers gather there each year to hone their craft, pitch to editors, and find agents and fellowship with like-minded folks. Writing, because of its nature, can be a solitary endeavor. The conference affords time of fellowship with those who share our love and fascination of words. We gather on the mountain and eat meals while discussing writing between bites, we relax in the hotel lobbies while sharing our newest projects and we walk to classes with others, talking about what we hope to glean from the next presenter. We come out of our writing dens and share our passion for the written word.

Read the entire article by Dee Dee here.

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