Saturday, May 31, 2014

Come Dance with Daddy

I wrote this for my daughter several years ago . . .

Come dance with Daddy, my dear and darling princess
I’ll be your knight in shining armor for a while
I’ll shower you with my affection as you cling here in my arms
We’ll dance together and share those memories for all time

At night I slip into your room and sit down on your bed
And gaze upon my sleeping beauty, softly caressing your hair
I lean down to kiss your cheek and say a prayer for you
And I thank God for another day to love you in this life

One of the deepest hopes I have dear one,
Is to be a faithful father
Pointing you to Jesus in the time we have right now
Thank you for asking me to play dollhouse and see your newest drawing
There’s nothing I’d rather do than be with our family

Sometimes life just won’t be easy, dear,
Clouds and rain will fall
Friends may disappoint you, dreams may fade away
In those seasons of frustration, may your heart return to days
When Daddy picked you up and wiped the tears from your eyes

And when life is over and my work on earth has ended
We’ll know we danced and we had a song to sing

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