Friday, January 31, 2014

Forgiving Others, Ourselves, and the Lord

Life throws curve balls to everyone.  We all go through hard times, disappointments, and changed expectations.  Journeying through those things, we most often are faced with lessons of forgiveness.

Sometimes we have to forgive other people, sometimes ourselves, and sometimes it feels like even the Lord.  R. T. Kendall, pastor and author, wrote an excellent trilogy of books on those subjects.  I highly recommend them to anyone wading through those tests!
Kendall shares his own experiences of being hurt and betrayed in pastoral ministry
as well as the lessons learned on his own journey to forgiveness and freedom.

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Kendall shares tremendous insights to experience sweet deliverance and freedom
to let ourselves off of the hook from yesterday's failures and mistakes.

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Anyone who seriously walks with God can go through seasons of disappointment and disillusionment when it feels like God has let you down.  Kendall brilliantly explains
how to free ourselves from these bitter chains.  This book has been called
the most important one that Kendall has ever written.

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