Monday, October 9, 2023

Pastoral Policy on Cohabitation


The social trend of cohabitation before - or instead of - marriage is a growing trend in North America. I reached out to an older pastor friend of mine whom I respect to ask how he responds to cohabiting couples in his congregations. The following is his response:

The policy that I have used and what I each that I am asked this question is:

1. I share the biblical truths on marriage and sexual purity with the couple in a private session with them both present. 


2. I don’t ask for a response from the couple in that session but ask them to study the scriptures that reviewed in that session and to spend a week in prayer but privately and together seeking God as to His will for marriage 


3.  I meet with them for a second time to discuss what decision they have made based upon their time praying, studying the scriptures and discussions. 


4. If they agree to marry I then move into that discussion 

5. If they don’t agree to marry then I share that they are welcome to participate in the life of the church and worship but that they cannot join as members. 

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