Tuesday, October 6, 2020

What’s at Stake for the Family

"Our culture tells us that gender is fluid, marriage is not the sacred union of a man and a woman and that a fetus in the womb is simply a mass of cells. Our nation celebrates the polarization of our society with identity politics and jeers at those who try to unite us. 

Unfortunately, in this moment of crisis, many followers of Jesus have started trusting in the political agendas of the Donkey or the Elephant for deliverance. We have forgotten that we are called to follow a higher set of principles—the agenda of the Lamb. 

The Lamb’s agenda calls us to submit to the government out of reverence for God but be willing to speak up when there is a clear violation of Biblical values. The Lamb’s agenda leads us to reject socialistic and communistic ideals that threaten personal freedoms and to speak Biblical truth to our culture and our leaders.”

Read the entire article here by Samuel Rodriguez at Decision Magazine.

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