Thursday, May 28, 2020

America - Where Most Blacks and Whites Don't Hate Each Other

Be careful who writes the narrative - or who frames the picture.

To listen to the story of the media, many politicians, and some universities, America is defined by racism. I believe that is like saying Disneyland is defined by kidnappers. Yes, unfortunately, sex traffickers sometimes use theme parks to snatch children. But the evil extreme does not characterize the parks. To infer so would be a gross generalization.

I work in an organization in Charlotte, North Carolina, that employs several hundred people, including various races. I stopped at several stores in town on my way home yesterday. I saw people of different colors, ethnicities, and backgrounds pleasantly interacting, being kind and civil to each other. When I shopped for socks for my wife and daughter, I found two black ladies at the display. I asked one a question, and she graciously and generously answered my questions and gave needed help, smiling at me the whole time.

In America, most white people don’t hate black people, and most black people don’t hate white people. In the America I know, blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, etc., get along, look out for each other, and work together.

This is a country where a white or black man can become the President of the United States – or be the janitor in the building. But it’s also a place with extremists – like Skin Heads and Antifa. These violent protests destroying stores, churches, public places and desecrating national monuments were well-planned and organized by anarchists and opportunists – people who do not love America. And they are desecrating the businesses of Hispanics, Asians, blacks, single moms, etc. 

These are not actions resembling the peaceful protests of Martin Luther King – they are the actions of anarchists who should be stopped immediately with force and incarcerated with severe punishment. Deeply funded protests and Antifa violence should not define our narrative.

The national monuments stand for all Americans - like the "Buffalo Soldiers" - a group of black fighting men who helped turn the tide for the Allies in Italy during World War II. Yet today, several of them are defaced with spray paint. Can you imagine spray painting the Lincoln Memorial or the World War II Memorial? Those resemble the actions of animals out of control. And out of control animals belong in cages.

Oh, and do you remember the riots and protests that took place when three police officers in Dallas in 2016 pinned the neck of Tony Timpa, a white man, down to the ground while he screamed for help thirty times? They thought he passed out – but when the ambulance came, he was pronounced dead. I didn't think so. No national monuments defaced. No stores looted. No buildings burned.

The large majority of Americans are peace-loving and peace-keeping. The huge majority would never loot, deface national monuments, burn down buildings, or practice violence in order to get their voice heard.

When violent protests erupt in city after city, these are not average Americans showing their concern. These are organized anarchists, well-funded by deep pockets and ready to move at a moment’s notice. They don’t love the United States of America. And they don’t represent the average concerned citizen – of any color.

The vast majority of policemen and policewomen in America are good, decent, and try to protect their neighbors and keep them safe.

The best new friend I made in seminary was a black man. I invited him to come and preach in three churches I served through the years. The best neighbors my wife and I ever enjoyed were a delightful, senior adult black couple. They loved us and our one child, and we loved them. We spent many summer evenings on their back porch with our toddler crawling up and down their stairs. The husband asked me to come and sing at her funeral a few years ago. Tracey said many times, “We’ve never had better neighbors.” I listened to Pastor Tony Evans, a black preacher in Dallas, Texas, on my drive to work this morning – as I do many mornings. My experiences here are not much different than the melting pot of many decent Americans.

For most of American history, the Golden Rule was taught in schools – “Love your neighbor as yourself.” I think most – not all – normal, hard-working men and women who grow up, get a job, and raise a family try to treat others with dignity and respect – and teach their children to do the same.

Dennis Prager, an American Jew, for years has challenged the narrative that America is a racist nation: "I am increasingly impatient with the libel that America is racist. Yes, there are racists in America – of all colors. But knowledge of history should restrain one from making unfair generalizations.” He writes, “America is the least racist multiracial society in the world. On a daily basis, Americans of every race and ethnicity get along superbly.” And, by the way, he believes that hatred of Jewish people is the oldest racism that exists – far longer than racism toward blacks.

Or, as black man Larry Elder says, "Racism is not in America's DNA."

Don’t let the extremists on any side define the narrative. And don’t let the media frame the picture.

Love your neighbor as yourself. Practice discernment. God bless you, and God bless America.

- In this article, I refer to "whites" and "blacks." I prefer that designation to "European Americans" and "African-Americans." We are all Americans. I also hope you will explore some of the links I inserted.

Check out America is the Least Racist Nation by Dennis Prager here.

Pictures used by permission from Pixabay.

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