Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Coronavirus Christianity

I usually appreciate Richard Blackaby's perspective, and today is no different . . .

"So, how should we respond to the coronavirus?

First, watch for God’s activity. God is always at work around us! But He often does His best work in crises. When facing a deadly pandemic, people may be more open to talking about life and death. Our mortality, generally a taboo subject, suddenly becomes front and center in people’s minds. People who were fiercely independent may suddenly have needs you can meet. People with whom you might never have been able to talk with about God may suddenly be open to spiritual discussions. Keep your spiritual senses attuned to such opportunities.

Second, make the best of changed routines. Last Sunday, our church services were cancelled due to health concerns. So, I drove to my parents’ house and watched the live stream service from our church while eating breakfast with them. My parents normally attend the 8:00 service on Sunday mornings, so I rarely see them. But yesterday was different. I typically have a frenetic travel schedule. As a result, I am constantly out of shape and needing more exercise. Last week, 12 of my spring speaking engagements were cancelled or rescheduled. I now have two months at home. I have thus commenced a rigorous exercise routine and a healthier diet. I am also using the free time to study and write. There are some Christian classics I have had on my “to read” list for a while now. A pandemic may finally afford me the time I need to read them! Rather than bemoaning what I’ve lost, I’m excited about what I’ve gained."

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