Monday, January 13, 2020

Franklin Graham: What’s at Stake in the Coming Year

Picture by Matt Johnson and permission
granted to use via
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"During the 2016 election year, I traveled to the capitals of all 50 states, calling on people to pray for our troubled country, asking God to heal our land and encouraging people to vote for candidates at the local, state and national levels who were best aligned with Biblical values. 

I believe the Lord heard our prayers, and under the current administration, we have seen amazing progress in many areas of moral concern. We have a president who has signed executive orders protecting religious liberty, advocated for pro-life causes and seen 158 of his judicial nominees confirmed to federal courts.

Never have I seen such hatred for a sitting president. I think most of the vitriol comes from the progressive left, whose positions on key moral issues are diametrically opposed to a Biblical worldview. Their lockstep with mainstream media outlets amplifies their animosity toward President Trump and his policies."

Read the entire article here at Decision Magazine.

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