Thursday, May 30, 2019

How to Pray During Life’s Darkest Moments

Here is a good word from Sue Schlesman:

"Have you ever complained to God? Have you ever cried out to Him in anger? Grief? Frustration? Have you ever felt that desperate?

It might seem unspiritual, but it’s a thoroughly biblical way to pray. It’s called a lament. It’s a prayer from the gut, not the head. Laments escape during the darkest moments of life—after betrayal, loss or grief. Laments require boxes of tissues. They don’t need words.

I’ve lamented a good bit—sometimes months at a time—just processing grief and heartache with the One who understands me best. When I lament, I find someplace quiet to sit in God’s presence, to cry and groan. (Paul says that the Holy Spirit interprets wordless prayers to the Father; see Romans 8:26.) Sometimes I grumble or rage at Him. (Job and Moses did that; see Job 7:7-21 and Exodus 17:4.)"

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