Monday, December 24, 2018

6 Short Prayers for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

I found this article by Bob Hostetler very helpful!

"Everyone wants to make the annual celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth more meaningful. Some do it by going to church. Some by observing a particular tradition. Others try something else. But anyone can make Christmas more meaningful with prayer.

It doesn’t even take much effort. It requires little preparation (beyond the reading—and perhaps printing—of this short blog post). But just six short, simple prayers can thoroughly change the way you experience Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year. 

I like to pray the following six prayers at regular intervals—morning, noon and night—beginning on the morning of the day before Christmas and ending the evening of December 25. You may certainly choose to do something different, but I hope these prayers enrich your celebration:"

Read the entire article here at Guideposts.

picture used by permission from Pixabay

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