Monday, October 17, 2016

Huckabee on the Clinton Cartel

They [The Clinton Machine] will do whatever they have to do to find something, and if they can’t find it, they will fabricate it, and the press is often a willing co-conspirator in protecting them.  The press is a mindless mob at this point doing the bidding  of Hillary.  It’s all about obtaining and using power for your own benefit.  This stuff is so scandalous.  They will always seek to not just defelct from their enemies but to destroy them.

There will be two sets of rules for America – one for H and her pals, and one for the rest of us who will go to jail for doing what they would be done.

This is Not an election between a couple of Sunday School teachers and one likes your version of the Bible better.  This is about two different people who will take the courts, the country, the economy, national security and the borders in 180 degrees opposite directions Whether they like the person personally, whether they think they are a wonderful human being, or whether they think they are full of all kind of challenges ethically, they know the difference in the way they are going to lead the country is stark and dramatic.

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