Monday, May 16, 2016

Make Your Voice Heard #2: Contact Your Local and State Schools and Legislators

Every Christian in America can contact at least four arenas regarding the Obama Bathroom Mandate: their local school board, their local schools, their state representatives, and their state Governor's office.

Click here to find your legislators in South Carolina.

I live in Laurens, South Carolina.  The following are the phone numbers for my locale:

Laurens County School District 55:


Laurens Country School District 56:




Daniel B. (Danny) Verdin, III
Republican - Laurens
District 9 - Greenville & Laurens Counties
Columbia Address:  404 Gressette Bldg. - Columbia, SC 29201
Business Phone:   (803) 212-6230
Business Phone:  (864) 984-4129


Michael A. (Mike) Anthony
Democrat - Union
District 42 - Laurens & Union Counties
Columbia Address:   432D Blatt Building - Columbia, SC 29201
Business Phone (803) 734-3060

Michael A. (Mike) Pitts
Republican - Laurens
District 14 - Greenwood & Laurens Counties
Columbia Address:   327C Blatt Bldg. - Columbia, SC  29201
Business Phone:   (803) 734-2830
Business Phone: (864) 681-0238Res

Mark N. (Mark) Willis
Republican - Greenville
District 16 - Greenville & Laurens Counties
Columbia Address:  326B Blatt Bldg - Columbia, SC 29201
Business Phone: (803) 212-6882
Business Phone: (864) 230-0135


Governor Nikki R. Haley


Mailing Address:
The Honorable Nikki R. Haley
Office of the Governor
1205 Pendleton Street
Columbia, South Carolina 29201


Hello.  My name is XXXX.

I am deeply troubled over the bathroom mandate that President Barack Obama's administration released last Friday concerning transgenders.

First, the President has overstepped his boundaries.  He is not a king nor emperor, and it is not his nor his administration's place to make such rulings for schools in this country.  If such matters ever had to be decided, they should be done at a state level with individual citizens voting.

This is but another act in a long string of behaviors by our President when he continues to ignore the Constitution and the due course of law.  Such actions must be resisted forcefully.

Second, it is unwise and foolish to allow men into women's restrooms and women into men's.  Since the beginning of time, civilizations have recognized and applauded the differences between men and women.  A biological male should be required to use the men's restroom.  A biological female should be required to use the women's.

Radical LGBT activism has gone too far this time in the United States of America.

I applaud the efforts of legislators like Lt. Gov. Dan Forest of North Carolina and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas who have sent clear words out the past few days that their states will not be bullied by the President nor his administration.  

I want to see the leadership of our state [or you could substitute your county, your child's school, etc.] to make a similar statement.  I want Gov. Haley [or your school 's principle, your school board's leadership, etc.] to clearly state that they will not abide by this mandate.

As Lt. Gov. Don Patrick of Texas said that "he can keep his 30 pieces of silver."

I am praying for and asking that you take strong, clear action against this tyranny.

Very sincerely,


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