Monday, June 29, 2015

Quote of the Day

Enjoyed this word this morning from the biography of George Mueller by A. T. Pierson:

 "The pavilion of God is the saint’s place of rest; the panoply of God is his coat of mail. Peter found that so long as his eye was on the Master he could walk on the water. There is always a tendency to sink, and a holy walk with God, that defies the tendency downward, is a divine art that can neither be learned nor practiced except so long as we keep ‘looking unto Jesus’; that look of faith counteracts the natural tendency to sink, so long as it holds the soul closely to Him. This man of God felt the risk, and, sore as this trial was to him, he prayed not so much for the removal as that he might be kept from any open dishonor to the name of the Lord."

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