Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Living in Captivity

Every one of us experience unwanted situations or unexpected problems in our lives at times.  This morning, Cathy Mogus' article Living in Captivity blessed me very much.  In it she shares action steps to take when we find ourselves in less-than-ideal circumstances. . . .

The divided nation of Israel was in political, moral, and spiritual decline when God called Jeremiah to become its prophet. The priest wasn’t happy with his new role. Apparently writing letters—not-so-nice letters—to the captives in Babylon was part of his job description.

But there was an upside. Jeremiah had the privilege of informing his displaced countrymen, especially their spiritual leaders, that God had a plan. It boiled down to something like this: “Like it or not, you’re not leaving Babylon for 70 years. So quit dreaming of going home and get on with your lives.” He then outlined God’s five-step program for their survival in captivity.

Accept your circumstances as God’s plan.

Although the Jews created most of their own misery, God still referred to them as people he “carried into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon” (Jeremiah 29:4). In other words, God allowed them to be displaced for good reason.

Read the entire article by Cathy Mogus here.

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