Saturday, November 15, 2014

How Much Do We Pray?

How much do you pray?

I urge at least thirty minutes a day in your quiet time - including Bible reading and prayer.  For the person in full-time Christian ministry, I suggest a minimum of an hour a day (two is better), and this should be for private devotions and quiet time without using any of this time for sermon preparation.  Martin Luther spent two hours a day in prayer.  John Wesley spent two hours a day in prayer.  According to a recent poll taken on both sides of the Atlantic, the average church leader (pastor, priest, evangelist, teacher) today spends four minutes a day in prayer.  And you wonder why the church is powerless?  Where are the Luthers today?  Where are the Wesleys? . . .  There will be no praying in heaven.  I would lovingly plead with you: spend much time in prayer now.  Get to know God and His ways by spending time with Him.

- R. T. Kendall

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