Friday, April 4, 2014

Fantastic Family Friday: Easter Cometh

Two weeks from today will be Good Friday, the day that the church historically remembers Christ's crucifixion.  Given the significance of Easter to Christianity, it is wise for us to plan now how we will make the time special for our family.

Here are a few suggestions for how you can make Easter meaningful:

  • Take advantage of a Passion Play in your area.  During my childhood, the main thing I remember that set Easter aside as extra-special was that our church almost yearly performed a big Easter musical the weekend of Palm Sunday.  I have many vivid memories of witnessing the Passion of Christ through drama and music.  Watching those musicals helped instill a love in me for dramatic musicals, which I still have today.  Find a church or theater in your area that will produce a Passion Play or other biblical drama and take your family.  Two that I know about this year in Upstate South Carolina are the Easter musical Redeemer at First Baptist Simpsonville and the Living Gallery called "Looking Unto Jesus" at Bob Jones University.

  • Take time the next two weeks as a family reading parts of the Passion story in the Bible.  One thing you can add to that is to find two or three songs or hymns that talk about the crucifixion and resurrection.  Print off the lyrics and give them out to family members.  At mealtime or another setting for family worship, take time singing them together and talking about their rich meaning.  One resource our family uses is Passion Hymns for a Kid's Heart, which gives you the songs on CD as well as devotions to read.

Whatever you do, know that Easter will be here in two weeks.  Don't let it slip up on you.  Take some moments this weekend to plan how you will lead your family in remembering Christ in the days ahead.

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