Thursday, November 14, 2013

Studying the Bible as a Family

Parents who are serious Christians want to influence their children positively for the Lord and impart the basics of biblical discipleship.  Larry Fowler shares excellent, practical advice for teaching our children diligently from God's Word.

"My first church service in Kazakhstan was an eye-opening experience. For one, the gathering lasted three hours and included three sermons! As a guest preacher, I sat on the stage facing the audience. I could see up into the balcony, where all the children sat. A few adults sat scattered among them. I wondered why the children weren’t learning in a more age-appropriate setting.

Later, I asked my hosts, "Don't you have a Sunday school for the children?" Their blank look revealed that they didn't understand my concern. "Their parents teach them" was their simple explanation.

At the time, I thought that answer was . . . well, weird. Didn't the church want to teach kids the Bible? But maybe their approach wasn't really so strange. After all, the Bible states that it is the responsibility of parents to impress God's Word on children."

Read the entire article here from Focus on the Family's Thriving Family.

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